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Almost 2,000 of you have sent letters to Sainsbury’s asking them to stop buying from companies that are profiting from Israel’s occupation. Sainsbury’s have now replied to some of you, ignoring the issue of their relationship with complicit companies. If you haven’t yet written to Sainsbury’s please do so today using our easy e-tool it takes less than 2 minutes. If you’ve received a reply from Sainsbury’s do write back to them and tell them you are asking them to break their links with suppliers who profit from occupation, and they haven’t addressed that point in their response.
And please – join the Day of Action on Sainsbury’s on Saturday 1st March.
The trauma of a Palestinian childhood
The trauma experienced by many Palestinian children is detailed in a hard-hitting must-read article by Harriet Sherwood:
child with dove
“Hyam, Muslim’s mother, says her son, the youngest of five children, has changed since [Israel’s] arrests began. “They have destroyed him psychologically. He’s more aggressive and nervous, hyper, always wanting to be out in the streets.”
Mona Zaghrout of the YMCA lists typical responses to trauma among children: “Nightmares, lack of concentration, reluctance to go to school, clinginess, unwillingness to sleep alone, insomnia, aggressive behaviour, regressive behaviour, bed-wetting. Psychosomatic symptoms, such as a high fever without a biological reason, or a rash over the body. These are the most common things we see.”
We are supporting Action for Palestinian Children’s call for Israel to implement, in full, the 40 recommendations made in the UK FCO-funded independent legal report, Children in Military Custody, which would go a long way to protecting children from the actions of Israeli soldiers and police.
Please send a letter to your MP today asking them to pledge their support for Palestinian children.
Israel plans to counter BDS movement
The Israeli Government is strategising on how to counter Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions. As expected, its strategy does not rest on winning the argument but on legal threats and closing down the debate. What is clear is that organisations like Palestine Solidarity Campaign are going to be the target of their State supported campaign.
Please support Palestine Solidarity Campaign by helping fund our BDS work.
Help PSC step up our BDS campaigning! In just the first few days following the launch of our appeal, we raised over £1000. Help us to get that to over £1,500. With your help we can do it!
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News and events
Inspired by Gaza | Chat2Gaza
Inspirational record-breaking sporting achievements, the frustrations of studying under siege and the London tube strike were among the subjects discussed by students in Gaza and students in London during the latest Skype talk organised by Palestine Solidarity Campaign. Firas Wahhab, a London student who took part, reports.
The Weekly Wipe| youtubeCharlie Brooker demolishes Scarlett Johansson’s support of SodaStream. Very funny, and well worth a watch
Best wishes to Tony | Question TimeWe are sorry to hear that Tony Benn is ill in hospital – our thoughts are with him and the wonderful contribution he has made to Palestine. Here is the clip of him breaking the BBC’s refusal to air the DEC appeal for Gaza, by reading it out live himself!
Israeli law-fare case | Haaretz
Israeli lawfare campaign: a draw in French legal case
Israel bid for UN Security Council | Haaretz
Israel plans to bid for a place on the UN Security Council – with US support. Yet another attempt to try to keep Israel immune from international law
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