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The Palestine Solidarity Campaign works for peace & justice for Palestinians, in support of human rights & against all racism
Join our protest against Livni on Nakba day
disappearing Palestine
This is available for order as a postcard via the office – 020 7700 6192. Plus view 11 infographics help to explain Israeli Apartheid
Israeli politician, Tzipi Livni, will be speaking at a Jewish National Fund event on the evening of Thursday 15th May (location to be confirmed). This is the day when Palestinians mourn their losses – of loved ones, land, homes and country – which began in 1948 and continue until today. The Jewish National Fund was complicit in this act of ethnic cleansing in 1948 and continues to expel Palestinians from their land, yet it enjoys charitable status in Britain.
Livni was one of the architects of the Israeli attack on Gaza 2008/09 which led to the deaths of 1,417 Palestinians – 313 of them children – and injured 5,303.Tell Livni that war criminals are not welcome in Britain. Details about the central London protest will be shared next week.
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Support Palestinian prisoners
Over 5,000 Palestinians have begun a mass hunger-strike in Israeli prisons. This includes leading politicians Marwan Barghouti and Abbas Al-Sayed, who joined in support of over a 100 administrative detainees who have been on hunger-strike for over two weeks.
Meanwhile, campaigning against G4S’ profiting from Israel’s illegal detention and torture of Palestinians continues apace. We will be protesting outside G4S AGM on the afternoon of Thursday 5th June – keep that date in your diary (more details soon).Join our call for G4S to withdraw from all Israeli prisons.
photo credit: Aimee Valinski
Ambassador Professor Manuel Hassassian briefs MPs, Peers and Palestine Supporters
Grahame Morris MP hosted a PSC Parliamentary meeting, ‘After the Kerry process: where next for Palestine’. In an in-depth discussion the Ambassador said the main cause for the breakdown in the talks was Israel’s ongoing violations and that the Israeli negotiators ‘would not define their borders’. He discussed the Palestinians’ new unity deal, plans for future elections and succession to international bodies. The Ambassador called for Britain and the EU to play a more active role, saying ‘it is not enough to be a payer and not a player – that is simply paying for the occupation’
After Kerry
Hugh Lanning, Ambassador Prof Manuel Hassassian and Lord Steel
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MEP candidates under scrutiny
On 22nd May you will get the chance to decide which political Party to support for the European Elections. Use our interactive tool to find out who your MEP candidates are and email them today.
News and events
Human rights groups call for Palestine to take Israel to the Hague | Haaretz
17 human rights groups, including Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, urge Abbas to resist US pressure, and take Israel to the Hague.
New iNakba app | Guardian
The interactive I-Nakba phone app will allow users to locate any Palestinian village that was destroyed, burnt or depopulated during the Nakba.
Disturbing photos show militarization of Israeli children | EI
Board of Deputees treasurer shocked by behaviour of Israel settlers against Palestinian children | JC
US recognises Israeli ‘price tag’ attacks as terror | Al-monitor
Sat 10 May – Birmingham Boycott Sainsbury’s ActionRead More
Sat 10 May – London BDS Fortnightly Sodastream Action – John Lewis, London Read More
Sat 10 May – Sainsbury’s protest in BristolRead More
Events continued
Sat 10 May – Weekly Protest Against Sodastream in BrightonRead More
Sat 10 May – Collapse of the Peace Process? What Next for Palestine? –
Portsmouth Read More
Tues 13 May – Is there hope in the Conflict in the Middle East? – BristolRead More
Tues 13 May – Public meeting on the cultural and sporting boycott of Israel
Stockwell, London Read More
Wed 14 May – Hastings Al Nakba commemoration public meeting
Thurs 15 May – Public Meeting: UN Year of Solidarity with Palestine – Birmingham Read More
Fri 16 May – Jaffa’s Crumbs – art 4 the Nakba Day – central London Read More
16-30 May – The World is With Us: Global Film & Poster art from the Palestinian RevolutionRead More
Sun 18 May – Bristol sponsored walk for Palestine 2014Read More
19-25 May – Palestinian Ashtar Theatre: This Flesh is MineRead More
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