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Tell your MP: VOTE to recognise Palestine
There are very few opportunities for MPs to vote to recognise Palestinians’ right to self-determination. But on Monday 13th October, your MP will have a chance to vote in the Commons to recognise a Palestinian State. The decision will not be binding on the Government, but it will be an important indicator of support, and will add to the pressure.

Please make sure that you do all you can to urge your MP to vote for Palestine.

MPs say 'recognise Palestine'
MPs show their support for Palestine.
Photo credit: Palestine briefing
Even – or perhaps especially – if your MP is not supportive take the time to email them. If a significant number of constituents contact them they will be aware that their position will be at odds with their voters if they vote against freedom and self-determination. As this is a backbench debate, MPs will not be obliged by their political parties to vote – so let’s make sure that as many as possible turn up and vote for Palestine. Ask your MP to vote.
Standing up for Palestine at Party Conferences
Labour Party Conference Over 1,000 people came to pro-Palestinian human rights fringes during Labour Party Conference. The PSC meeting was full to bursting, and heard from Chi Onwurah MP, Richard Howitt MEP, Dr Mona El Farra – Gaza Projects via live Skype link from Gaza, Palestinian politician Dr Nabil Sha’ath, Simon Weller from ASLEF, Nikki Sharpe from GMB and Kamel Hawwash from PSC. The event was chaired by PSC Chair, Hugh Lanning.
Shamefully, G4S provided the security for the conference, and PSC supported protests against their involvement throughout the week.

PSC’s stand at Labour Party Conference was buzzing with visits from many shadow Ministers, MPs and Parliamentary candidates. MPs and candidates including Stephen Kinnock, Chi Onwurah MP, Richard Burden MP, Andy Slaughter MP and Ben Bradshaw MP supported a Government ban or consumer boycott of settlement goods.

There will be a Palestine fringe at the Liberal Democrat Conference.
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Gaza: suffering and Israel’s violations continue
With Gaza still under occupation, little being allowed in or out by Israel or Egypt, and 110,000 still homeless after Israel’s military assault, the difficulties faced are immense.
Hamas and Fatah have reached an agreement for the return of their unity government in Gaza.
This week, the Russell Tribunal met to discuss the massacre in Gaza: Ronnie Kasrils pointed out that ‘Millions of us in South Africa collectively recoiled from Israel’s gruesome assault on the people of Gaza during those 51 nightmarish days of “Operation Protective Edge” and the attendant ongoing cruelty in the West Bank.
Agencia de Noticias ANDES
As the dust settled, we were left shocked beyond belief as we witnessed a community of 1.8 million in ruins; Khozaa, Shujaiyya, Beit Hanoun, with entire families and neighbourhoods, gone.’ Read more>
Meanwhile, Israel continues to violate its ceasefire agreement in Gaza:
17th September : Israeli naval forces opened fire off the coast of northern Gaza, moderately injuring fisherman Yousef Zayif, 70.
14th September: An Israeli war ship fired “warning shots” at Palestinian fishermen off the coast of Gaza City’s Al-Shati refugee camp.
12th September: Israeli navy forces opened fire at Palestinian fishermen off the coast of Beit Lahiya to the north.
11th September: Four Israeli bulldozers entered a border area in southern Gaza, near the village of al-Qarara, and leveled private Palestinian land. Military vehicles accompanying the bulldozers fired shots, with no reports of injuries.
8th September: Israeli military fired on fishermen, pushing them back to a five-mile limit.
5th September: Israeli military opened fire on two fishermen and arrested them.
2nd September: Israeli military opened fire with machine guns on Gaza fishermen.
News and events
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Over 5,000 of you have signed our letter to the BBC to complain about bias journalism. Sign today
Gaza destroyed | The Guardian
“Images coming out of Gaza show once fertile land now reduced to wasteland, farms and greenhouses destroyed and ancient fruit trees uprooted. All that work wiped out in a matter of weeks,”
Recognise Palestine says UK’s former ‘man in Jerusalem’| Telegraph
West Bank also suffering from Israeli violence | Guardian
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‘I hate seeing dead people’ says Amer, 9, from Gaza. Read more ‘everyday voices’.
Until 5 October – Traces and Revelations – Palestinian Art Exhibition – Durham Read More
Until 3 October – Loss of Innocence- An Exhibition of Children’s Art from Gaza Collected in the Aftermath of the 2008/2009 Invasion – Cardiff Read More
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Saturday 27 September – Boycott Action- Plymouth PSC – Tesco Metro, New George Street, Plymouth
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